Telegram is one of the most popular messengers and its popularity is increasing day by day. Telegram not only offers very diverse and very good features but also has a very high level of security. Precisely because Telegram is one of the most secure messaging apps and allows hidden chat, people are very interested in using this app.

Telegram, like any other instant messenger, makes it possible to select a photo for the profile. But it is not possible to know who is hacking into your profile. If you are wondering “Who sees my profile pictures?”, This guide will help you find out if this is really possible or not.


Who visited my Telegram profile?

There are programs that claim to disclose the names of people who have visited your Telegram profile picture. Some of them even claim that they can tell their users who saved their profile picture. But is this really possible? Is there such a program that has the ability to disclose the names of Telegram profile visitors?

Given the fact that Telegram pays attention to security, it is very unlikely that such a program (which really works) will exist. Of course, such a program must have security flaws. But, without a doubt, the makers of the telegram will take action against it if there are such problems.

Therefore, we conclude that there is no such program as “Who saw my Telegram profile” or “Who visited my Telegram profile”. If you come across such programs, it is better to know that most of them are fraudulent programs or even some of them are designed to hack Telegram account. So be careful and never pay for such programs. In addition, do not enter your Telegram username or activation code in such applications.


Telegram profile visitor identification robot

While researching the subject of this article, I met people who claimed that there was a type of Telegram robot that would tell you who checked the Telegram profile. This first robot asks you to invite 9 people to activate the process. But be careful not to be fooled by such marketing tricks. There is no robot that can do this. In fact, this robot forces you to invite your friends to report to you based on the list of invited friends.

The main point is that searching and paying for the program or robot of Telegram visitors is a total waste of time and money. If you are very interested in finding out who is checking your Telegram profile picture, you should definitely wait for Telegram to design this feature.

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