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✅️ For Telegram Groups
✅️ Legit
✅️ Active members
✅️ Fast delivery
✅️ Adding time 1 hour
✅️ Leaving rate 15%
✅️ Permanent views
✅️ Logical price
✅️ No need to username & password

🌐 Notice : You HAVE to compare all the packages prices with other websites then try to buy from us .

🌈 Note : You can buy this product up to 500.000 members for your channels or groups and also If you need to order more than 30 K just send us a message on Telegram , ID : @mysocialmember

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Buy Telegram Group Members

Buy Real Telegram Group Subscriber

Fast Delivery / Legit / Best Price

Recent years we have faced this issue that using tools like telegram channel is very beneficial to improve the business, teaching and selling.

Telegram by its own proved that it is very capable and success in this major and also is pioneer with up to date features. High rate massage sending, and any type of voice or video files and top security range are most brilliant features make it more popular.

Telegram permits you to invite telegram users to your channel. One of its superiority than others is its capacity to reach your channel members up to 200 thousands. Although no one has experienced this, the admin must know the more members submit, the less will leave the channel.

Buying channel members done with tempting advertisement. All members and users are real and they will discuss and talk after they add to the channel.

By using this service of buying and increasing the members you can prepare the discussion and voting mood for the subscribers about the business. Having active and true members make your channel to get in the rank.

Buy Telegram Group Member
Buy Telegram Group Member



No bots!

Only active and Real telegram members will be added to your project.
So we can add members from other groups even if they don’t have usernames.
Delivery speed !

Delivery speed !

In most cases we will deliver Maximum 30000 member per 24 hours That protects your groups from any kind of restrictions and mimics organic growth. Quality and quantity is both that we provide to our clients and have earned a reputable place in the market.

Notification removal!

We will remove notifications that someone was invited to your group.
How many member we can order?
Up to 500,000 members


in first place we will add our manager to your group who then invite real members!
This is an INVITING service, meaning that some users may leave for various reasons. So there are always 5 – 50 % drop! its up to you and your contents to keep members in group.

This package is real random subscribers from India, Russia, UAE and middle east countries.
Because Telegram are most popular in middle east and Russia . online and active members will see your content as real members and it’s best way to increase subscribers immediately.
To increase Group Telegram Members ( has introduced you many amazing packages and services for your business plans and help you to expand your business and make the process easy for the clients.

for more information contact us .
I’ll help you to boost your channel so easy.
This packages is good for those who tries to gain more reliability, Crypto and other business.
Group Telegram subscribers is one of the best and safest methods for increasing and improving your business for online shopping.
This method can bring you the customer and interested people that you need for your business. that’s a real revolution!

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1200 online members + [ 300 Free View ], 2500 online members + [ 500 Free View ], 5500 online members + [ 1000 Free View ], 11,000 online members + [ 2000 Free View ], 21,000 online members + [ 3000 Free View ]


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