Twitter for Business Prosperity: 14 Very Practical Tricks You Need to Know!

Do you know what Twitter marketing means? Do you want to make your brand a little more popular? Are you talking about your products everywhere? Become an influencer in the future and meet your customers? Provide fast customer service? Improve your public relations with customers? With Twitter marketing, you can achieve all of the above goals.

Whatever your goal, you can achieve it with the help of Twitter. If you are new to Twitter, this article will help you choose the right strategy for your goals.

How to develop a marketing strategy on Twitter?

The basis of all success is to adopt a proper strategy, and this is the difference between successful brands on Twitter and failed brands. Without a clear plan, you are only wasting your time and money tweeting, not getting a bit closer to your goals, and when it comes time to review your performance, you will have nothing called achievement. This will prevent you from increasing the size and budget of your team because you have not succeeded.

So, no matter how important the strategy is, it is still small. To thrive on Twitter, you need to do the following:

Research about your competitors.

Gathering information about competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in social media marketing is crucial. By doing this, you can adopt a good strategy and surpass your competitors.

Identify your target audience.

On Twitter, you cannot attract the attention of all the audience, and since your brand can not meet all the needs of the people, so determine what your target audience is and then create a strategy to serve that segment. This will increase the profitability and loyalty of customers.

Delete all Twitter accounts and manage only one account.

Depending on your size or goals, you may use one or more accounts. If several people in the organization are responsible for managing several different Twitter accounts, it is better to merge those accounts and use only one account for your business.

You ask why? Because you will be more successful with this, for example, the Vancouver Knox Hookey team deleted all their lipstick accounts and used only one official account, thus increasing its Twitter account by 8%.

Unite with team members to have an integrated strategy.

Team members working in large, growing organizations may be unaware of each other and not have much contact with each other, but it is best to have a united team and connect with other team members. This alliance will help you to get good information about your work process and finally find an integrated marketing strategy on Twitter.

Keep Twitter unique.

Although posting the same content on multiple social networks is easy, we do not recommend this method. Each network has its characteristics and users, so using the same strategy across all networks can be costly. So, in any network, adopt the right strategy with that network.


10 Practical Tips for Business Prosperity Through Twitter Marketing

1- Use Twitter features and tools.

You can tweet or reply directly from the website and Twitter software, but you need to use the right tools to better manage your Twitter marketing.

Here are some examples of these tools to make your work better and faster:

So now it’s time to create a global profile for your account.

2- Create a good profile for Twitter.

Creating a good profile can affect the trust and mentality of the audience of your brand and customers can safely contact you through it and ask their questions. Follow the steps below to create a good profile.

Write a good bio: You can only use 160 characters to write a bio on Twitter, so each word and hashtag must be effective.

Complete your profile information. We do not mean information only by name, profession, and description. By adding information such as location and workplace, you can add value to your work, making it easier for customers to connect with your brand and talk to you about products.

Confirm your account. Customers can trust you with the blue tick of Twitter, which is a symbol of credibility. The credit check is placed next to the username.

Spread your Twitter address. Of course, after all the effort to create a good profile, you have to do something to make your Twitter visible. To do this, put your Twitter address on the website, email, truck, and summary wherever you think it can be seen.

3- Listen and learn.

If your Twitter strategy is to generate content for your followers, you probably do not need to listen to what people have to say.

Ryan Holmes says, “By listening to the opinions of the community, you gain valuable information about the business; For example, knowing your competitors, getting feedback on how people perceive your brand, and gathering information to design marketing campaigns. ”

You need to know what Twitter users think about your brand, do they mention your brand when talking or not? What are their favorite topics? What issues do they react to? Who are they in contact with? These are the things to look for when selecting yours.

Things to consider:

One of the most important results of listening to the community is finding influencers and experts. 40% of Twitter users say that after buying a product from influencers, they buy that product and 49% of them use the products offered by influencers.

You can listen to people’s opinions through the following channels:

4- Produce good content.

Although you can only use 280 characters per tweet, you should try to write the best about your brand to be both easy to read and motivate your audience. The basic principles of content production are as follows:

5- Use multimedia for more feedback.

The use of different media in social networks has a great impact. A survey found that 82% of Twitter users are interested in video and would like to see more videos from artists, others, and brands. So, try to use more video.

6- Post at the right time.

Tweets do not last long. A study found that the life of each tweet is 24 minutes, and 75% of users see the shared tweet in less than three hours. That’s why you need to post at the right time to get good feedback.

7- Connect with your audience.

Some marketers are more concerned with gathering followers on Twitter than with communicating with their audience. From the beginning, Twitter has been aimed at helping people communicate effectively. So, try to connect with your audience every day.

By doing this, you can listen to their opinions, criticisms, and professions.

8- Monitor your business and brand.

You hear the news from other companies, but do you know what they say about your brand on social media? Do not limit yourself to general statements about your brand. It is important to know what people are saying about you and what they are tweeting.

9- Evaluate the results.

By measuring marketing results via Twitter, you can evaluate your performance, become aware of users’ favorite content, and design better strategies for the future. You can evaluate the results using the following methods:

10- Evaluate your strategy with advanced tactics.

Now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at some advanced tactics.


Twitter has been providing opportunities for business evaluation, follower engagement, and brand development since 2006. Twitter is one of the strongest channels you can use to build lasting relationships that will ultimately lead to the success and prosperity of your business.

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